Austin Tondini, 2018
Serendipity Pattern of Geomyths Chapter IV.

IV. - Collaborations


Made by extention of invitation, the aim is to transform Serendipity Pattern of Geomyths into a collaborative art form. I believe that collaborative artmaking is the future of artistic practice. To exchange ideas and give flight to new form through labor.

Many thanks to Austin Tondini, Paien and Iris Lacoudre and future collaborators. 

“What we experience and theorize as nature and as culture are transformed by our work. All we touch and therefore know, including our organic and social bodies, is made possible for us through labour. Therefore, culture does not dominate nature, nor is nature and enemy.”
- Donna Haraway, ‘Cyborgs, Simians and Women’
Rives 300
The Board
Paien, 2018

Do detectives really pin a bunch of pictures on a board when investigating a crime ? The Board goes through the best thriller’s crimeboards of cinema. WARNING : This book contains hidden spoilers between the folded pages.

Red coil, cardboard cover
Risograph print