Serendipity Pattern of Geomyths - Chapter I.

I. - Geo-archeological excavation site

A serendipity pattern was generated from a web browsing research experience combined with photographic voyage of geomythological sites. The process was an excavation of archaic and current day geomyths in the form of a non-exhaustive rhizome. Through the excavation process the geo-archeological site, metamorphosed, the current day remainder is the hollow shell of an abandoned geo-archeological site.


Step 1. part 1. Findings: Staffa and basalt colonnade of Jule Verne’s Voyage to the Center of the earth


Step 1. part. 2 Findings: Celtic remains, megaliths, stone engravings and the Monad


Sep 2. Phantoms of Step 1. findings. Site extended. New findings: Stone circle energy fields, collectible cursed rock souvenirs, tree of life


Sep 3. Phantoms of Step 1. & 2. findings. Site extended and metamorphosed into wood. New findings: Gryla’s candles, anthropomorphized fruit trees, trolls & giants remains. 


Sep 4. Phantoms of Step 1. 2. & 3. findings. All artefacts remain as traces of excavations. 


Step 5. Final stage of excavations. Hollow remains of an abandoned geo-archeological site