Video Performance, 4m58 and photographs

The project Morgana begun with the wish for the ability to become invisible; in to glide between spaces in order to execute a primitif ritual as a modern time sorceress. The ritual’s intention is to purify spaces with the aid of salt, and follows the Shinto tradition practiced in Japan.

The second skin is inspired by the phenomena of light to which it borrows its name; the mysterious Fata Morgana. The arthurian legend of Morgan le Fay has its origins in ancient Celtic myths; her first known name is Morgen: born from the sea. The persona of Morgan le Fay adapts different characteristics through out the ages: fairy, godess, queen, loathly lady, sorceress. Her representation follows closely the status of women through history, seen by men.

Morgane le Fay reappears in Sicily at the time of the Norman invasion under the italian name Fata Morgana. There she lends her name to a particular mirage that can often be seen on the sicilian coast. The myth tells the story of Fata Morgana that lives in her castle, Mongibelle, in the volcano of Etna, and misguides men with her mirage that leads to their fatal drowning.

The video was filmed in CalArts in California, haunted by its history and its legendary artists.