Jarðskyn means perception of earth or sence of land. It is pronounced the same way as jarðskin, meaning earth light (versus moon light). It is a closer look at the perception of a land that is Iceland, the light it reflects and that is captured as photographs, another look on our learned way of reading the surface of earth.

Jarðskyn is edited in 30 numbered copies in two volumes of photographic work.
    Volume 1 is comprised of a series of satellite images, taken out of their original context and space, names eraced, colours taken away. What is left are graphic black and white images, of shapes and textures, a photographic mashup that happens though the process of merging multiple satellite images from different seasons and weather conditions as well as technical faults such as over- or under- exposure.
    Volume 2 is photographic work on texture, scale, and presence. Texture that is almoust touchable, scale that is lost and floating, and a presence of some sprit of nature, sometimes taking form as if they were figures lost in the mist. 

Printed in Paris, spring 201

Vol. 1: Riso print on uncoated 120g/m2 drawing paper. 19x24cm
Vol. 2: Laser print on uncoated 120g/m2 drawing paper and 90g/m2 tracing paper. 19x24cm

Cover: Antalis cutious metallics Chrome 120g/m2. 19x15cm

Title: Inkjet on white label.